Vanity Plate Backstories #3 – LDY4TLK

LDY4TLK, also known as Missy Gomez, became frustrated early in her psychiatric career being bound to an office, chair and slow-speaking patients. Often described as the Martin Riggs of her doctorate class, Missy was believed to be diagnosed with alexithymia, a condition brought to the author’s attention in a recently-viewed second season episode of  The … More Vanity Plate Backstories #3 – LDY4TLK

Vanity Plate BackStories #1 – ALEXUS

Spotted: Albuquerque, New Mexico Alex was an Olympic level trampolinist on track to become the best the world has ever seen. A graduate of the Olympic Trampoline Academy, he was personally mentored by Dmitri Vladimir Poliaroush. He also claims to have gotten to second base with 2012 Women’s Trampoline Gold medalist Rosannagh MacLennan. His signature … More Vanity Plate BackStories #1 – ALEXUS