Vanity Plate Backstories #4 – MACENO1


Local politician and hobby Renaissance player, MACENO1, aka Ralph Glover, has been actively abasing mace violence in Sacramento County for almost a decade.

Glover’s mission began at the 2004 Northern California Renaissance Fair in Hollister, CA. A Renaissance veteran, Glover was playing a peasant during a processional for Mary, Queen of Scots. Glover’s character removed a coin-purse of shillings from an attending friar, and was spotted by a Queen’s guard. As per the 15-minute rehearsal, rookie Renaissance participant and part-time Big 5 employee Walter Finn publicly disciplined Glover with a staged blow of a flanged mace, despite the pleas of the staged friar’s staged charity. While Finn maintains that the mace made no contact with Glover, adding, “even if it did, who cares? It’s foam, I hit kids with it all day”, Glover had an extremely visceral reaction, such that several wenches and a blacksmith had to restrain him. Glover’s reaction was so aggressive he nearly broke character.


Speculation over what would have made such a seasoned player as Glover react so aggressively have ranged from heat exhaustion to a mace-related childhood trauma. Whatever the cause, Glover now lobbies for mace abolishment groups, speaks publicly against most parade Drum Majors and hosts a mace victim support group, “WE-maciated” on Sundays at his home.

Glover instead promotes alternative weaponry and teaches a cat o’ nine tails safety course at the Learning Annex.


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