Methmories: A Fond Look Back at a self-guided Breaking Bad Location Tour

As Breaking Bad comes to a close tonight, it seemed semi-appropriate to hash up some pictures from a self-guided Breaking Bad location tour on an Albuquerque trip last year. No finale spoilers. Enjoy never seeing these locations again after tonight, jagweeds!

The infamous street Gale’s last rent check bounced at.


The house Auntie Pinkman never imagined would get featured on Yelp’s “Top Ten New Mexico Body Disintegration Hotspots” list.


Combo’s Corner. We poured out some slurpee for a homie.


The Dog House. Turns out it’s not even a secret that’s the best place to deal meth. It’s on the menu.


Wendy’s HO-tel. We stopped in for a quick handy. She is NOT acting.


All wash-and-waxes now come with complimentary eyebrow trims. New owner policy.


Hank and Marie’s house. Site of one of the most impactful deaths in BrBa’s death canon. RIP the neighbor kid’s RC car.


Saul’s office. Better imagined with an inflatable Statue of Liberty.


And of course, the mother load. The White’s house. Ideally we would have just thrown pizzas at it all day, but turns out people actually live here. They’re meth heads though ∞



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