Vanity Plate Backstories #3 – LDY4TLK


LDY4TLK, also known as Missy Gomez, became frustrated early in her psychiatric career being bound to an office, chair and slow-speaking patients. Often described as the Martin Riggs of her doctorate class, Missy was believed to be diagnosed with alexithymia, a condition brought to the author’s attention in a recently-viewed second season episode of  The Sopranos.



Those afflicted with alexithymia are constantly engaged in activity so as not to award themselves time for personal reflection. She revolutionized the field by pioneering mobile therapy, treating patients while simultaneously getting a car wash or taking a day trip to Pasadena. Gomez started taking family therapy sessions  and leading support groups when she got a lease on an Expedition. She doubled her business taking fares between her 230 and 315 appointments. When this thrill plateaued, Gomez turned her appointments into “Cash Cab” situations, where patients received 15 minutes more per session for breakthroughs and were dropped off in Angeleno Heights for regression.


At the height of her game, Missy facetimed with a Wall Street jumper via helmetcam while dune-buggy racing in Baja California.

Gomez still counsels via car, and has added other services to her mobile life. If you add an 888 and dial her license plate after 10PM, you’ll reach a holiday-themed party line.


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