Vanity Plate BackStories #2 – THDCIDR

Not a dick-flavored apple beverage.
Not a dick-flavored apple beverage.

This is a company car. In most situations, this would be an expensive luxury car and the pinnacle of an incentivized program in which an employee would be rewarded by getting to drive this car for a period of time.


This car is part of a shaming program of demographic survey company, SurvCon, which consults advertisers, mostly through online poll-taking . The employee who most aggressively underperforms at SurvCon that week must drive a 1993 Ford Aspire with the farcical license plate “THDCIDR”. This car is intentionally uninsured and is often used as a hookup location for SurvCon employees during parties, weekends and nooners, as the trunk lock is broken.

SurvCon employee Jeremiah Gates wasted hundreds of dollars-worth of Baskin Robbin’s gift certificates this week authoring surveys such as “Which Colors Do You Fear The Most” and ” “What Character Will Die This Season on The Kardashians ?”.  This will be Jeremiah’s fifth week with the car. He earned it in the past with surveys like “Name Eight Small Dogs” and “Are The Atlanta Hawks still a team? Can Someone Check?”.

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