MrJameson.com is a show reel/ humorish personal space for writer and freelance Flame artist Jameson DeSantis. A quiet fury, the site features visual FX work, essays, articles, essicles, DIY instructables, smart investing tips, terrible investing tips and other pieces that lack category.

Enjoy and welcome.

All content on MrJameson.com is managed and written by Jameson DeSantis. Jameson is a resident of Southern California, though he insists his roots be known as Northern California to people who don’t care at parties. Super annoying. He also possesses other infuriating characteristics like writing in the third person. As he gazes into his computer screen, he beseeches the night on the tact of this method. The night is unresponsive. Jameson, he learns a lesson, and berates the night evermore.